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Berlin-based director, journalist, and writer Dellair Youssef hails from the city of Damascus, Syria. With a background in ecology from Damascus University, Youssef's passion for storytelling led him to pursue a career in films. Holding a master's degree in journalism from ESJ-Paris School for Journalism, he combines his diverse expertise to craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences worldwide.

His films have been screened at various international venues. His first book, Stories from this Time (حكايات من هذا الزمن), was published in the year of 2014, his second book, Good morning Lovelies (صباح الخير يا أحبّة), was published in 2020, and his last book The golden rule of fear (قاعدة الخوف الذهبيّة) was published in 2022. His articles and essays have been regularly featured on relevant Arabic blogs and in newspapers, as well as in a selection of German newspapers and magazines, and been translated into Spanish, Italian, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Persian, and German. Dellair is a co-founder of


  • Das letzte Gedicht, das Stefan Buchwald schreiben wollte (2022)

  • Banias: The Beginnings (2016)

  • Habel Ghasil (2016)

  • Chronolog Qamshli (2016)

  • Ya hoo (2016)

  • Damascene Features (2015)

  • Nediyari / Exile (2014)

  • Princes of Bees (2013) (with Bassel Shehadeh)

  • Play (2012)

  • Two Houses and a Story (2010)



  • ‘We See Heaven Upside Down’ - short film “Exile”

Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art in Charlotte, NC, USA 2019

Ross Gallery at CPCC in Charlotte, NC, USA 2017

Novilla Gallery Berlin, Germany 2016

  • ‘Syria Off Frame’ - Photograph

Venice, Italy 2015

  • ‘Opening of the Youth Year’ - Photograph

Damascus, Syria 2010

  • ‘Handmade art exhibition’

Damascus, Syria 2008

Independent writing and journalistic work

  • 'The golden rule of fear', Khan Aljanub publishing house, Berlin (Germany) 2022.

  • 'Good morning, Lovelies, An incomplete biography', Mosaic for studies and publication, Istanbul (Turkey) 2020.

  • 'Stories from this Time', Beit El-Mwaten publishing house, Beirut (Lebanon), 2014.

  • Arabic and German newspapers and magazines such as:
    Al-Hayat, The New Arab, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Raseef 22, Syria Untold, Aljumhuriya net

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